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Questions & Answers:

How long does a photo session last?
⁃ It depends on the package you have purchased. It starts from 30 minutes to hours!

Why sometimes there is no time available on your calendar?
-  Probably it ‘s because you are reaching us on a very busy time of the year. We usually open up slots on the first week of each month, so please check back the website or send us an email.

How many shots will the photographer take?
⁃ We take a minimum of 40 images up to as many as 300 depending on your package or how the shoot goes.⁃ Wedding ceremonies, Engagement sessions or those events that take longer time to photograph will get much more photos. We promise that you will have an excellent selection every time!

When can I see my photographs?
- You will get your softcopy the same day. Give us a couple days to send you back the retouched photos. You can order DVDs as well.

What should I wear or what should I bring? Can I change outfits?
⁃ Wear your nice dresses, and bring yourself! Whatever you feel looks nice would work for us. Don’t be nervous about that! - Of course you can change your outfits, depending on your package you are free to use your time the way you want it to be.

How many people can be in the picture? Can I bring my pet?
⁃ It depends on the package! Our photo shoots usually go by time and not by the number of people. And YES! we love pets.

Can we print our photos? Do you print?
-Yes, you can and yes we do. Send us a message to find out about our print sizes and prices.

Do you have a makeup artist? 
-Yes, we do. Our talented makeup artist does hair and face for both ladies and gentlemen which you can add to your package. She is really good!

We have heard that you have an artist that does charcoal drawing from your photos, how does that work? 

- When retouched photos are ready, you can pick a photo or two, and order a charcoal drawing. Then my talented artist will draw your selected photo (which can be your face, your pet, etc). She is awesome, and her work can be a great gift for anybody.

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